Game Show Mania FAQ

What does a Custom Game Show Include?

Using state-of-the-art Game Show Mania® gaming systems and professional hosts, we literally create a complete TV-style Game Show atmosphere during your event.  This makes our Custom Game Show a FUN, UNIQUE and ENTERTAINING experience for both the contestants and the audience!  Besides, who wouldn’t like to win cash or prizes for answering a few questions?

Our Custom Game Shows include the compact game show systems pictured and features stand-up player positions with buzzer lock-out, authentic game show sounds, an entertaining game show host and ALL the game show fun any group can handle!

How is a Custom Game Show Played?

One of the most intriguing set of trivia questions that we offer are ones based on your company, school or guests. We ask that you jot down a series of questions that will add a personal touch to your events. Your guests will roar with laughter as questions they know (or should know) the answers to, are posed to the contestants.  Depending on your preferences- the questions can be whole answer, multiple-choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank or a combination of all of these different types.

We also have over 50,000 generic questions which can be used.  These questions focus on subjects like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Famous People, History, Sports, Sci-fi and many others.  These fun and easy generic questions can be used with your own customized questions or used alone.

Although we do not COPY TV game show formats exactly, our Custom Game Shows do have rounds with questions similar to those seen on popular TV Game Shows.

During our Custom Game Shows, EVERYONE- whether in the audience or as a contestant, will be involved in the show- regardless of their age, sex, race, education or any other factors.  We can present shows for groups of only 12 people or for extremely large events with thousands of attendees!

How long are the Custom Game Shows?

Our Custom Game Shows are fast-paced, interactive and unique programs.  One and a half hours is the maximum recommended running time.  But for day-long events, rounds can also be played over several hours with hour breaks in between each round.  The two different approaches to the game help ensure full enjoyment of the game show experience!

How much is a Custom Game Show?

Depending on your needs and budget, there are several Custom Game Show packages available. Just call us for all the details!

How do I book a Custom Game Show?

Booking a Custom Game Show for your event is easy!  All you have to do is call us at 406-248-DEEJ (3335) or email us at  It’s sure to be a BIG HIT!

Contact Prince Party Productions today for more exciting information about Game Show Mania!

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Game Show Mania

Game Show Mania

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